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Tiny Lab Productions formed 3 years ago for our flagship product - Free MMO RTS Sci-Fi game "Nebula 44". We have gathered an exceptional team with solid background and gained lots of experience through out those years.

Now we are ready to offer that experience to you. We offer broad range of outsourcing services including websites, web applications, rich internet applications, games, mobile applications, 2D and 3D graphics. You can find galleries with these projects using navigation bar at the top of the page.

Wanna reach us?

Shoot us an email to invenis@nebula44.com and we will reply as soon as possible.

Please include a short description of the task/project you want to hire us for in your email so we could quickly assess basic project metrics for you.


Tiny Lab Productions have been one of the best finds this year. Quick, professional and crazy good abilities. Through specific tasks we have seen process time go down from 5 seconds to below 500ms. We will use them again (and again, and again).

— Charlie Davies - CoFounder iGeolise Ltd (UK)

We have been hugely satisfied with the results Tiny Lab Productions has delivered. The idea for an all-in our very own skin and cover customizer has been brewing for several years in our heads, and this amazing team has delivered it. We will always refer to TLP for the most advanced projects!

— Olgerd Rus - CoFounder CoolSkins (DK / SE / Europe)


We love gaming!

And lots of people do too

This gives you a chance to use gaming to your advantage - promotional games for advertising your products is our speciality.

Nebula 44

Free MMO Sci-Fi Browser RTS

Nebula 44 is our flagship product. It has been in development from Q3 of 2009 and had numerous development iterations, beta tests and improvements.

You can try it out live at nebula44.com. No registration needed!

Project date: 2009 Q3 - now


Game Client - Flex 4

Flash and Flex 4 framework allowed us to have a dynamic game client without any need for reloading the page between actions. Our game client is capable of rendering maps, animating game objects and constantly keeps connection with the server to get latest game events, such as incoming chat messages.

Game Server - JRuby & Scala

Our game server is polyglot - it is written with two industry-proved programming languages - JRuby and Scala. It runs on battle-tested Java Virtual Machine and uses MySQL as data storage.

This allows us to handle thousands of concurrent connections with ease and provide best gaming experience possible.


Our website is written using Ruby programming language and Ruby on Rails web framework. This allows us to be agile, rapidly accepting incoming changes and challenges and handle them with ease.

Nevairuok Išgėręs

Flash based promotional Facebook game

"Nevairuok Išgėręs" allows player to try drunk-driving. Upon entering the amount and type of alcoholic drink you have ingested, your body weight and other parameters, alcohol concentration in blood is calculated and displayed to the gamer. The more drunk player is – the harder it will be to drive the car (but player gets more points for successful driving). Player must drive the car trying to avoid the obstacles and staying on the road.

Client: MDGroup

Project date: 2011, Q1.


  • Flex 4 (Flash, ActionScript 3) - game
  • CodeIgniter (PHP 5) - Facebook integration

Barista Virtuoso

Flash based promotional Facebook game

"Barista Virtuoso" allows you to become a barista at the coffee bar.

The goal of the game is to prepare all orders as fast as possible. It is worth mentioning that there are almost 1000 different original coffee drink recipes that you can prepare while playing this game.

It was integrated into Facebook and can be played online.

Client: Vero Cafe

Project date: 2011, Q2.


  • Flex 4 (Flash, ActionScript 3) - game
  • CodeIgniter (PHP 5) - Facebook integration

Kavos Bankas

Flash based promotional Facebook game

"Kavos Bankas" is coffee making game. Player needs to plant and raise a coffee tree while playing mini games. After each mini game that player passes planted tree grows a bit. The goal is to collect as many points during the mini games as possible.

It was integrated into Facebook and can be played online.

Client: Kavos Bankas

Project date: 2011, Q2.


  • Flex 4 (Flash, ActionScript 3) - game
  • CodeIgniter (PHP 5) - Facebook integration

Skaičių Miestelis

Hand painted educational math game for children

"The City of Numbers" (Lithuanian - "Skaičių miestelis") is an educational game for the primary school students. Game is driven by adventurous storyline, beautiful and colorful views, sounds, dialogues and friendly characters.

There are 44 different puzzles and exercises in the city of numbers, 11 of them in each grade (from 1st to 4th). Every exercise is generated by game, so questions change every time children start it over - that provides children with replayability.

All game rules, dialogs and tasks are displayed as text and also spoken so that even children that find it difficult to read could also play this game.

This game was approved by Lithuanian Educational Ministry and provided to Lithuanian primary schools. You can also find this game in largest offline Lithuanian marketplaces.

Project date: 2006 Q3 - 2006 Q4.


  • Delphi 7

Cyrix Survival

Flash based promotional game

Goal of the game is to survive as long as possible while piloting a spaceship called Cyrix. Player is being attacked by other spaceships piloted by angry aliens and must destroy them to get game points and money. Player can spend money to upgrade his spaceship. Player must collect as many points as possible and hit the high-score board.

Client: Tiny Lab Productions

Project Date: 2011 Q4


  • Flixel Game Engine (Flash, ActionScript 3)


Web based quiz game

Quiz game where you have to collect game points and later attend auctions where you can win many different prizes.

Client: Ismincius.lt

Project Date: 2012 Q2


  • Flash integration
  • In-game currency management
  • Auctions
  • Payments integration


  • Yii Framework (PHP 5)
  • MySQL 5
  • Flash (ActionScript 3)
  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript/jQuery

Senis Plaukuotenis

Flash based promotional Facebook game

This game was a promotional Christmas game for one of the Lithuanian home supply depots.

The goal is to pull up every hair from the body of hairy Santa as fast as possible. The male and female high-score bord leaders were rewarded with electric shavers and epilators respectively.

Client: Senukai

Project Date: 2010 Q4


  • Flex 4 (Flash, ActionScript 3) - game
  • CodeIgniter (PHP 5) - Facebook integration


Custom application development

Just name it!

We have broad expertise on application development. Need something? Chances are we can deliver it.

Contact us and we will listen to your needs.


Flash Based Laptop Cover Creator

"CoolSkins" is a Rich Internet Application that lets users to design covers or skins for their mobile devices. You can upload your photos and pictures, drag them to the phone or laptop computer outline, edit the design of the cover or skin and order your new product.

Application is completely localizable and can be found at:

Client: CoolSkins

Project date: 2012 Q1 - 2012 Q2


  • Flex 4 (Flash, ActionScript 3)


Mobile application/game development

Want to reach your customers wherever they go?

Then go mobile! We specialize in application & game development in following mobile operating systems:

  • iOS
  • Android
  • Windows Phone 7
  • Bada OS

We can also deliver HTML apps that look like native apps. Send us an email and we'll see what we can do.


Lovely Critter Catching

Gotcha is a small game we have done in our spare time. You control a friendly alien, which just happen to have a thing for cows, sheep and other critters. Fullfil your objectives, avoid bad crop and avoid dangerous farmers while having fun in this neat free game.

Client: Tiny Lab Productions

Project date: Q1, 2011

You can download this game from Google Play store.


  • Java (Android)
  • 2D graphics


Downhill turned extreme

Orborun was conceived as a part of Startup Weekend Lithuania 2012. It it a simple yet deep action puzzle game featuring quick-paced action, fun puzzles and astounding drum and bass soundtrack.

Orborun is currently in production and we are planning on launching an IndieGoGo campaign to fund its development. Drop us an email if you are interested in helping out in any way.

Client: Tiny Lab Productions

Project date: Q4, 2012 — Q1, 2013


  • Unity 3D (iOS, Android & also Windows, Mac OS X, Linux)
  • 3D graphics


Modeling, rendering and drawing

Need beautiful art?

We have designers with over 3 years of experience - take a look at our gallery and decide for yourself if their art would fit in your project.

2D art

3D art


Custom development

Sometimes you only need that much

Don't have whole project for us but need something fixed or improved? Perhaps a library to be ported or chunk of code to be optimized? Lets talk and perhaps we'll find you a solution.

We have skills in:

  • Ruby/JRuby
  • Python
  • PHP
  • Perl
  • Bash scripting
  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript/CoffeeScript
  • Java
  • Scala
  • Polyglot programming on JVM (e.g. JRuby + Scala)
  • Delphi

ActionScript 3 stacktracer

Fixing AS3 deficiencies

We had a serious problem with our ActionScript 3 code - default Flash runtime does not generate any stacktrace when an exception is thrown. This made our client side error-reporting in Nebula 44 very hard.

We decided to take matters into our hands and wrote custom code preprocessor that allows us to generate stacktrace on crash with only 10%-15% runtime penalty.

Project code is open-source and hosted at GitHub.


  • Scala

Contact Us

Wanna reach us?

You can contact us by writing us an email to team@tinylabproductions.com.

Please include a short description of the task/project you want to hire us for and we will reach back to you shortly.