Racing game
for kids

Children love it!

Fun Kid Racing is one of the best racing games for kids — this free game features simple controls that children love and can quickly master. Take control of a huge variety of vehicles and race them to the finish line, optionally collect coins along the way, and do fun stunts on the many varied environments.

The levels are designed specifically for children, and will keep them entertained for hours!

fight, rule

space strategy game

Nebula 44 is a sci-fi strategy MMO that plays in-browser and is best suited for mid-to-hardcore gamers.

The gameplay centers around your colonization of a new planet and the defeat of NPC enemies. Build an economy and infrastructure around your troops and your unique goals, climb large skill trees, and gain strength. Once you conquer a certain amount of enemies, a new challenge opens up to you — many other solar systems run by other players, ready for you to conquer or befriend.

Deep gameplay featuring customizable units, real-time in-game chat, a strong trading system and economy, classic RTS genre strategy, and many more elements make Nebula 44 an engaging and rewarding MMO.

How will you conquer the galaxy?

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Slice the Cheese is now available

In Slice the Cheese your job is to cut cheese for hungry, adorable mice — and make sure you don't cut them or their friends! With a swipe of your finger, you cut off pieces of cheese in a huge variety of shapes and challenges. You can meet new mouse types with different abilities, unlock special boosts, and use them to help out the mice!

Simple to learn but challenging to master, Slice the Cheese is good, simple fun.

your world

Get Orborun now

Orborun is a 3D roll-and-run game much like Super Monkey Ball. Tilt or touch your device to make your Orbot run or roll along tunnels, vortexes, and 90-degree turns. Optional challenge grant a multitude of bonuses, use power-ups to switch up the round, and compete on leaderboards with your friends.

Can you keep your Orbot safe and survive the dangerous levels that await you?

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Tiny Lab

About us

Tiny Lab Productions was founded in 2010 by a group of experienced developers & designers who love to play and create positive games. The team came together to work on their first game — the strategy MMO Nebula 44, which has had an active user base for over three years!

Since forming our company, our focus is on accessible fun — be it in conquering the galaxy, guiding an adorable robot ball, slicing cheese for hungry mice, or racing through a huge variety of environments.

We are located in KTU StartupSpace — Kaunas, Lithuania.